U City Dog Play Area

University City Off-Leash Dog Play Area

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about us

Since 2002 our off-leash dop play area has provided a safe, fun environment for dogs of all kinds to enjoy. Since our opening in 2002, we have been steadily increasing the amenities of our park. From adding lights and heated water bowls to concrete side walks and plenty of toys- we love our park, and we hope you will too. Nestled in the neighborhood of University City, Missouri we do our best to provide an incomparable experience for our canine friends and their people. Feel free to explore the site for cost details, awards we've won, and how to contact us. 

Looking forward to many tail wags with you and your best friend!


Board of Directors

President: John Winski

Vice President: Ryan Trella

Secretary: Ally Schipma

Treasurer: Kelley Ciampoli 

All members of the Board can be contacted at UCityPeopleForDogs@gmail.com




What we offer



RESIDENTS: $40 a year for one (1) dog and $60 a year for two (2) dogs.

NON-RESIDENTS: $60 a year for one (1) dog and $90 a year for two (2) dogs.



For the privilege of using the dog park, a member registration and liability form must be completed and dog park tags obtained.

Individuals that wish to access the dog park must show written proof that his or her dog's rabies vaccination is current. University City residents must also show proof of residency (license, state issued identification, occupancy permit, etc.).


Hours of availability 

The dog park is open one (1) hour before sunrise until 10:00 PM each day. 


age restrictions 

Adults at least 18 years of age are welcome to accompany children to the dog park with their family pet, however, no children under the age of 10 will be permitted into the park for safety reasons. 


where to register

Tags and applicable forms for use of the dog play area are available in the University City Finance Department between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

dog license information 

The City of University City requires all dogs have a license appearing on their collars, per municipal code Section 210.200. Dog licenses may be obtained in the University City Finance Department for a fee of $3.00 per dog.  Applications must be accompanied by written proof of rabies vaccination in order to obtain a dog license.  The application must include the name of the owner, address of the owner, telephone number, dog’s gender, age, breed, color and name.  Dog licenses must be renewed annually.  Failure to obtain a dog license could result in the issuance of a citation.


amenities provided

  • Plenty of shaded seating
  • Tennis balls & Chuck-its
  • Mutt Mitts
  • Heated Water Bowls (Winter months)
  • Baby Pools and Water Fountains with cool water (Summer Months)
  • Straw bales (Autumn Months)
  • Fresh Water (Year Round)
  • 3 Separate Gated Areas
    • One smaller area for small/less active dogs
    • One larger area for those who love to run
    • One medium size area for those who need a break
  • Locks on all gates to garauntee that dogs admitted to the park have correct immunizaions







                 2005     America's Best dog parks                    2005     best of St. Louis: best Dog Parks


2010     best dog park




Satisfied Customers

I LOVE bringing my dog, Walter, here! He loves being able to run free, and I love watching him have fun. So glad we found this place!
— Ally S.
At the U City Dog Play Area my dog gets to stretch her legs and sprint to her hearts content and I know she safe in doing so. It lets me give her the exercise she wants, that I can’t provide with just walking
— Rey C.
I’ve been bringing my dogs, Marley and Gertie, to the U City Dog Play Area for the last four years! Moving to a new city, I wanted to make sure that my dog had a place to go to get exercise and make new friends, I was also hoping to make new friends too! We’ve found new friends and people that love their dogs as much as I do!
— Jess C.
I love the dog park because apartment dwellers can have dogs without guilt. Ernie loves it because people treat him like royalty, and he can chase buses to his heart’s content.
— Carol V.




Leave your name, email, or phone number and we will get in touch! 

Feel free to email us directly at UCityPeopleForDogs@gmail.com